Three-Axis Accelerometer Data Logger

Three-Axis Accelerometer Data Logger

ChatGPT has gained immense popularity recently, and the system has even been down due to a significant surge in usage. This aroused my interest in Machine Learning. I learned that TinyML enables the deployment of ML models on edge devices with limited resources, such as MCUs. So I decided to explore it by embarking on a simple project.

The first step is to collect and store data for future model training on TinyML. I just got an accelerometer + gyroscope module, so I plan to make a simple data logger, which will gather and save the three-axis (x, y, and z) data of hand movements to a microSD card and display them on an OLED screen in real-time.

System diagram
Product Assembly

In the program, the three-axis values are recorded and saved to the MicroSD card and displayed on the LCD in real-time.
Insert the MicroSD memory card into the corresponding slot to store data.
Power on the device, and record different movement trajectories such as square, triangle, circle, and cross (or X).
I just simply test the device by gathering hand movements data. It can also be used to measure the g-forces exerted on your body when you do your favorite sports.
I will continue to try using the data for TinyML training and generate a neural network model.

Measurement result