06 January 2024

Three-Axis Accelerometer Data Logger

The first step is to collect and store data for future model training on TinyML. We just got an accelerometer + gyroscope module, therefore we plan to make a simple data logger, which will gather and save the three-axis (x, y, and z) data of hand movements to a microSD card and display them on an OLED screen in real-time.

In the program, the three-axis values are recorded and saved to the MicroSD card and displayed on the LCD in real time. Insert the MicroSD memory card into the corresponding slot to store data. Power on the device, and record different movement trajectories such as square, triangle, circle, and cross (or X). It just simply tests the device by gathering hand movement data. It can also be used to measure the g-forces exerted on your body when you do your favorite sports.

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