PCB Design Service

From PCB schematic design and PCB board layout to testing, validation, and certification, we take responsibility for the full cycle of the PCB design process. See the detailed breakdown of our printed circuit board design services below.

Schematic design

The process of PCB board design always starts with schematics. A schematic or a circuit diagram conveys the electrical connection between different electrical components like integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete components. To deliver this PCB design service, we use professional CAD software, such as Altium Designer, to define modules and design the connectivity between different components.

PCB layout

Once the schematic is imported to the PCB layout, we manually place components on the board and route the traces. We take into consideration the number of required layers and the dimensions of components that may be limited by the size of the housing. Within our PCB layout services, we analyze signal integrity and evaluate electrical limitations to ensure the safety of the board level architecture. For a complex layout, we include various simulations into our custom circuit board design services. Our specialists arrange proper conductor routing, which is the primary factor affecting the price of PCB manufacturing. We run DFM/DFA analysis to minimize PCB design revisions, cut development costs, and reduce time to market.